I create my photo's and projects not on technic, but just what I see..


My kids are a good subject for my photo's. I try to pick the moments when they do not notice me.

I combine my creativity and passion with my projects in private and in my work as Dynamics Ax engineer

Digital art is a new thing for me... still learning. Also Blender 3d.. still learning.

Impression of my photos


Bring nature back home

In our vacation we saw a lamp created from nature and my sons wanted to have something like that.


So I thought, oke, let's create that.


After searching of some piece of old wood, there it was, the perfect piece, used to chop old wood into burning wood.


And I liked creating it with a mix of nature and technic.

So this is my first project of 'bring nature back home' but I shall continue on creating new ones.


If you're interested, you can always contact me.

Showcase #45

Limits of speed

Client: Dept. of Traffic

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Designing my way